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Shintech was founded in 1974 to produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. The catalyst for its current success came in 1976 when it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Since then Shintech has completed a series of production capacity expansions that combined aggressive domestic and export business plans with careful analysis of market conditions and customer needs. Currently, Shintech Inc. is the largest producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the United States.

Shintech Brief History
1974 Plant – I start production under 50/50 joint venture between Shin-Etsu and Robintech

1976 Shintech wholly owned by Shin-Etsu

1981 Plant – II start-up

1986 K-Bin (a wholly owned subsidiary of Shintech producing PVC compound) start-up

1988 Plant – II expansion

1990 Plant – III start-up

1994 Plant – III expansion

1998 K-Bin expansion

2000 Addis Plant start-up

2001 Addis Plant expansion

2004 K-Bin expansion

2007 Phase – I Chlor – Alkali / EDC / VCM / PVC plants start-up (planned)

Shin-Etsu - From daily necessities to space development, Shin-Etsu’s technologies and materials support a comfortable life

Shin-Etsu Chemical’s business is categorized as three segments consisting of “Organic and Inorganic Chemicals Business”, “Electronics Materials Business” and “Functional Materials and Other Business”. The technologies and materials provided by each business segment are performing well in various scenes of our life. For more information about Shin-Etsu, please visit www.shinetsu.co.jp

In the PVC industry, Shin-Etsu Chemical has set the precedent by developing a manufacturing process, which incorporates its own original large vessel for polymerization and non-scale technologies. The Shin-Etsu Group is the world’s largest PVC producer, with large-scale production capacity in the three main markets – Japan, the U.S. and Europe – and is providing a consistent supply of this indispensable material worldwide.